The Gabael Trust Corporation (GTC) is a private limited liability company incorporated under the Laws of Kenya and empowered under its Memorandum and Articles of Association to undertake trusts.

Gabael operates as a corporate trustee which serves as an executor or administrator of estates, trustee of all forms of trusts, as well as manager for estates of persons suffering from mental disorders.

GTC was borne out of increased need for competent, professional and trustworthy executors, power of

attorney and trustees, especially in relation to wills and family trusts.

Moreover, unlike individual executors, power of attorneys and trustees, GTC is not affected by personal disabilities like sickness, mental incapacity or death. Additionally, the GTC team prides itself in having wide variety of resource skill and experience on matters trust administration spanning across the East African Region.

It offers an edge to its clients based its legacy of having planned, administered and executed varied forms of trusts and estates.


Our Core Values



GTC is premised on a demonstrated assurance of financial and moral probity on all matters. We are your trusted partner.


We make decisions based on a wholesome assessment of our clients’ needs and goals as well as extensive knowledge and experience of industry practices.


We are honest in our dealings with the client and relevant stakeholders.


We are accountable for the Client’s assets and our time whilst ensuring full adherence to the Client’s wishes.


We have a statutory duty of confidentiality and shall uphold this duty in the strictest sense and in accordance to our confidentiality policy.


We offer wholesome expertise and uphold professional standards in work execution and are at all times cognizant of the fiduciary duty owed to the client.


Our extensive expertise offers an edge to our clients as our services are dynamic and in keeping with changes in laws and market trends.


As your trustee, the buck stops with us to ensure realization of our clients’ goals and mitigation of any adverse circumstances.

Our Value Proposition

We are meticulous in what we do
We believe that earning and maintaining trust is paramount
We are committed to delivering a bespoke and responsive service to accommodate every client’s unique needs
We offer both comprehensive and turnkey solutions
We employ experts in each service area to maintain our market leadership and international standards

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