The GTC team comprises of professionals with diverse skills including lawyers, real estate managers, forensic auditors, tax experts, accountants and other professionals. Therefore, we are able to offer end -to – end services for our clients including tax advisory, real estate management, estate administration, book keeping and accounting as well as dispute resolution and litigation support.

Moreover, the team has practical experience on diverse matters related to our services offerings including estate planning, formation of private and charitable trusts, writing or review of wills, preparation of deeds of family settlement or arrangements, preparation of group structures for family companies, property law and conveyancing as well as in probate and administration.

Where necessary, GTC enlists on a consultant basis the services of any consultant whose expertise proves necessary in the administration of the Trust.

At GTC, all employees share six fundamental corporate values which form the roots of our corporate culture:

  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Confidentiality
  • Passion to Win
  • Freedom to Act
  • Responsibility

It is our belief that only in an environment imbued by those values that can we offer and produce world-class services and solutions to our esteemed customers.

For our team, we maintain a culture of trust and provide the freedom to develop personal responsibility. Moreover, all our decisions are guided by the customer’s needs and requirements, professional ethics and applicable laws and regulations.

At GTC, the working climate is characterized by mutual respect, where every individual contribution is appreciated. Most importantly, we believe in leveraging our diverse skills as well as keeping up with the trends as well as changes in the law (including tax laws) or the market in order to offer and come up with timely, superior and effective solutions for our customers.

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