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Your preferred corporate co-executor or co-administrator Partnering with executors, administrator and trustees to improve their service delivery to beneficiaries.

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Our Services

A professional executor in your Will can be of great benefit. Gabael Trust has significant experience of acting as executors and is able to make sure that your estate is managed with seamlessly , allowing for expedient and effective assets distribution for all types of assets including distribution of funds to beneficiaries in accordance with the Will. Professionalizing executor services protects against conflict of interest whilst maintain familial relationships and adhering to the Testator’s wishes.

When a person dies without leaving a will, this is referred to as intestacy. Under this circumstance, the person who is appointed to administer the estate is referred to as an administrator, in contrast to an executor who is appointed to administer the estate of someone who died having prepared a will. In an intestate estate, the official document, which is issued by the Court to the Administrator, is called the Letters of Administration.

The trustee is the person or company who legally holds the trust’s assets. The trustee holds those assets as trustee for the trust, for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Typically, the trust deed will outline the trustee’s powers. The trust deed is the formal governing document of the trust.

Gabael Trust is qualified for appointment as attorney for property and affairs for clients who have either no suitable relative or friend to act or who are concerned about conflicts of interest. We act for a number of people who need this sort of help. Sometimes they have no family members who can help them. Sometimes they want to leave their money to family members when they die but are concerned that their money should be spent on the best care for them in their lifetime even if that means their estate is reduced. An independent professional trustee has no such conflict of interest.

Under the Mental Health Act, when somebody lacks the “capacity” to deal with his or her own affairs and has not appointed an attorney, the Court will appoint a manager for his estate.

Gabael Trust is able to act as manager for the estate of such clients and by appointing Gabael Trust, the burden on family and friends can be relieved.

Gabael Trust can act in various Trustee and Agent roles across a multitude of debt related transactions including as Facility Agent, Corporate Trustee, Security Trustee, Successor Trustee or Security Agent.

As Facility Agent, Gabael Trust coordinates activities relating to the loan facility, such as utilization requests from the borrower, P&I calculations, P&I repayments, coordination/ payment of third party fees and expenses. Gabael Trust acts as an independent party maintaining the consolidated position for all lenders and plays a key role in administering the overall transaction.

The use of escrow is an excellent tool to facilitate transactions by jointly appointing the third party agent (escrow agent), to facilitate commercial transactions and provide the counterparties with additional legal comfort and independence that the matter will only proceed if the pre-conditions within the escrow agreement have been met or complied with.

Gabael Trust offers a simple, safe and flexible means to hold escrow funds or documents in all types of transactions including multi-jurisdictional and multiple currencies deals…

Gabael can act as custodian holding assets including cash, shares, documents and other properties.
Safekeeping and custody of assets commonly used for the following types of transactions:-

  • Probate and Administration matters
  • Sale and purchase transactions
  • Realization from liquidations or receiverships
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • ESOPs
  • Project financing

Proven Experience in Various Cases

We understand the needs for professionalism, privacy and confidentiality in our relationship with our clients.
We do nothing to prejudice that relationship. Think of us as your attorney on demand!

Gabael Trust Corporation Upclose

The Gabael Trust Corporation (GTC) is a private limited liability company incorporated under the Laws of Kenya and empowered under its Memorandum and Articles of Association to undertake trusts.

Gabael operates as a corporate trustee which serves as an executor or administrator of estates, trustee of all forms of trusts, as well as manager for estates of persons suffering from mental disorders.

Gabael was borne out of increased need for competent, professional and trustworthy executors, power of attorney and trustees, especially in relation to wills and family trusts.

The Team

The GTC team comprises of professionals with diverse skills including lawyers, real estate managers, forensic auditors, tax experts, accountants and other professionals. Therefore, we are able to offer end -to – end services for our clients including tax advisory, real estate management, estate administration, book keeping and accounting as well as dispute resolution and litigation support.

Our Core Values



GTC is premised on a demonstrated assurance of financial and moral probity on all matters. We are your trusted partner.


We make decisions based on a wholesome assessment of our clients’ needs and goals as well as extensive knowledge and experience of industry practices.


We are honest in our dealings with the client and relevant stakeholders.


We are accountable for the Client’s assets and our time whilst ensuring full adherence to the Client’s wishes.


We have a statutory duty of confidentiality and shall uphold this duty in the strictest sense and in accordance to our confidentiality policy.


We offer wholesome expertise and uphold professional standards in work execution and are at all times cognizant of the fiduciary duty owed to the client.


Our extensive expertise offers an edge to our clients as our services are dynamic and in keeping with changes in laws and market trends.


As your trustee, the buck stops with us to ensure realization of our clients’ goals and mitigation of any adverse circumstances.

Confidentiality Policy

We shall at all times uphold and guard our client’s right to privacy. All communication, documents and any other form of information received and within the knowledge of GTC shall be kept confidential.

We shall not share our clients’ personal information with any third party unless with the client’s express written authorization or when legally obligated to do so, in which case we shall promptly advise you on the same.

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